Earlier this week California started one of our country's largest meat recalls. http://www.injuryboard.com/national-news/beef-recall-of-864000-pounds-.aspx?googleid=277054
This is on the heels of a couple of years of meat recalls that have threatened our families and even at times our pets! It is amazing how some of these companies cannot be up to par with something that can hurt so many and ruin their reputations for ever.

That's why if not before than now more than ever you have to trust the people supplying your family with food. This can be a daunting task to anyone but we would just like to take a moment and reassure our customers of our loyalty and quality covenant to you. We eat the same meat we sell and will always make sure that you get the same product that we go home and feed our children.

We also do all of our own cutting and processing to ensure that everything we give you is safe and of highest quality. We also screen all of the companies whose products enter our store before it hits our shelves and coolers because we know that you need to be able to trust what we are using so we take nothing for granted when it comes to our business and your health.

We are glad to tell you about any of our wonderful suppliers and their products anytime. We want your experience to be one that you walk away every time from our door with the peace of mind that our products have gone through our rigorous standards before they go through yours. So feel free to ask about our safe handling techniques or/and our suppliers anytime and go away with the peace of mind that since we have been in business we have NEVER had a recall on any of our products. 

Until next time, good grillin'!