It is that time of year again! And I can almost taste it! Oh, all of that great holiday meals are just weeks away. We are now taking orders for all of your holiday meats. We are now taking orders for our all natural never frozen turkey. We have been selling them for going on six years and if you haven't had one you don't know what you're missing. Fresh can never be out done. Plus, they are perfect for your fried turkeys.

Also available are Rib Roasts and Crown Roasts all cut to order. We will also be accepting orders for them so that we can ensure that you will have it for your table this year.

We have great smoked hams available for the Holidays also. We have Ga's own D.L.Lee hams, which are the lowest sodium ham on the market (and ooo, so good) and spiral hams. Both are available in whole or half.

We also have duck, Cornish hens and what ever else you can dream up... and yes, we can help prep your Tur-duc-en also. We are the ones that can help you get what you want and make the meal the least stressful part of the Holidays.

Order Today and ensure that you get what you want!
Happy grillin'!