Hey everyone, Sorry about the long time no see but we are looking at our final week in our expansion and will be opening our newly remodeled shop soon. Any way we are not here for that you want to know where some meats get their name and I am here to share.

You may know this "Canadian bacon" from your meat lover's pizza or from that McMuffin you indulge in every once in a while but what makes it Canadian? Contrary to belief the Canadians do not get credit for this one. (Sorry a'boot that guys.) Actually, originally in America we called the lean brined piece of meat back bacon. This brings up a subject worth an explanation.

What is brine? Brine is a specialized salt solution that meat is soaked in before cooking or most cases smoked. This salt solution is used to flavor the meat and also works as a way to fight bacteria growth during the smoking process. Think about a corned beef brisket and you have got the idea.

Back to the subject at hand. The specific piece used to make the Canadian bacon or back bacon is the pork tenderloin which is a much leaner piece from the pig than the more traditional side of pork. The pork tender loin comes from the back of the pig thus the back bacon name. We call it Canadian bacon because we Americans like to categorize things and because we like the fact that it really bothers our Canadian brethren. Europeans and our friends to the North rather like leaner bacon that derives from the loin and leaner part of the upper side. A lot of times Canadian Bacon is smoked in America and the Canadian counterpart is merely just brined,not smoked. So Canadian bacon is not as closely related to the bacon the Canadians eat. Sometimes the Peameal bacon is confused with Canadian Bacon but pea meal bacon (while similar in size and shape) is named for its exterior seasoning and "meal" that graces the outside.

Well, that gives you something else to think about. Talk to you soon when we explore some more meat names and until next time...

Good Grillin'

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