Hey again everyone. Hope everyone is doing well. There are great things happening at the meat market. We have moved into our third week in our new improved facility and are loving the new look and extra space. If you haven't been in then you don't know what you are missing.

To the matter at hand. What is a true Swiss steak? They are the equal to a cubed steak actually. The "swiss" does not refer to Switzerland but rather the process the steak goes under. "Swissing" refers to the process fabrics are usually taken through of pounding, hammering, and ran through rollers to soften the fabric. In a similar procedure meat (usually a "tougher" meat like that from the round) is hammered or ran through blades to make the meat more tender. The process breaks down the fibers and tendons in the meat to make a more desirable textured and tender steak that is floured and cooked and then covered in gravy. So unlike Canadian bacon the Swiss steak has no immediate connection.

Well with that mystery in the bag, we look forward to seeing you at the market. And until next time good grillin'!

The Butcher.