Dear Butcher,

I was looking at your packages and I was wondering if they really could save you money.


Mary H. Savannah, Ga.


Good question Mary,

With so many advertisements and people in your face trying to bid for your money it can get tricky to find out who is really telling you the truth. I know that meat is the more pricey item in your food budgets and we at Ogeechee strive to make sure that we give you the best prices available. You won't see the buy one get one sales here like the others, mainly because if you look at the price they actually jack up the prices to give you the offer. You end up not saving anything. We here at Ogeechee would rather lower the price for everyone than decieve you with a two for one sale.

But I digress, our packages are made with the practical meats that people eat everyday. There are no cheap filler meats, like neck bones or frozen chicken parts, in them. You will get the same meat that is in our cases when you order a package. The packages are also flexible... meaning that we can trade out something that your family doesn't eat (this goes on dollar value). And if you do the math you definitely save some cash. You can save anywhere from $10 with the smaller packs to $150 or more with the larger packs. AND that's just on our prices! If you were to take our list and go into another store and just write down the prices for the same items (remember we carry only Black Angus Choice Beef!) and quantities; do the math and add in the tax you will find that you can be saving tons of money every month. So when you get down to it you will save money while getting better quality meat.

So come on in and let us help you find a package that will fit your family. We can also help make one up especially for you. We feed a family of six every night so we understand your needs and wants.

Until next time, good grillin!    -- June 22, 2009