Dear Butcher,

Thank you for taking my question.  My family does not eat pork.  Are you willing to substitute chicken or beef for the pork items in the packages that you offer? 
Michelle Z.
Fort Stewart, GA 

Hey Michelle,
Yes, you can substitute out of our packages. We know that not everyone eats the same things and so we are flexible. The substitutions are done by the price value so if you are wanting to trade out an item like Pork Chops this is how it is figured:
                                                      $3.29 - price of pork chops in the case
                                                    X     3 lb. - amount of item in that deal
                                                      ~ $10 for you to trade for another item
So, in this example you can use that  $10 credit for any item (Beef, chicken, vegys..etc.) that you would prefer to have. This can also be a way to double up on something your family eats a lot of like Ground beef for example.
In addition to being able to substitute, we have a number of packages available that do not have pork in them. Meal Deal #7 and Meal Deal #10 do not have pork. Those packages though are dependent on the size family and type of budget you are working with.
And staying on the same subject we have a couple meal packages that are not listed here on the website. One being our meal deal of the month and (which will be of more interest to you) the create your own package. Where you can go line by line and pick out seven items of your choice for $55.99. So if you wanted to leave out the pork it would be quite easy to do so.
As you can see we try to be very flexible and easy going... so I hope I answered your question. We are always here to answer questions and you should definitely come in and we can talk in person about the deals. We are always willing to help!!
Thank you for the question! And until next time Good grillin'!