We continue our series on cuts and how they got their name. Today is a discussion on the 7 bone Roast. Lets start with what the 7 bone roast is: The 7-bone roast is the bone in version of the Chuck Roast. The Chuck is the shoulder of the cow and is very well marbled. The chuck is excellent for the crock pot or slow cooker and is just as tasty as an oven pot roast. The Chuck is surely the king of beef roasts: easy to cook, moist and tender even at medium-well and versatile.
Back to the name. The bone in roast is is refereed to as a 7 bone because the bone located in it is a cross cut to form the roast and resembles a "7". The bone is also called an "h" bone by professionals because it actually resembles more of a lower case "h".

Interestingly, the bone is very similar to the "h" or "7" bone that is in the Boston butt roast. (we covered the Boston butt earlier in this series) The bone is the same because the Boston Butt is also the shoulder of the pig.

Sadly, the 7 bone roast is becoming scarce in markets. The size of the 7 bone is quite large and undesired by families these days. The good news is though that its taste and greatness lives on in its offspring the boneless chuck roast. If it has been a while since you've had one you should reconsider.

Until next time, good grillin'!

The Bucter