Interested in buying some meat in a large quantity? We can help. We are the ones with the expertise to help you make the right choices for your family and save you a bunch of money while doing it. Here is some information to help with deciding. Please feel free to call or contact us with any questions you may have.

Quarters, Half and Whole Beef 

 Our Black Angus Choice beef is available in whole, half and quarter portions. The weights are final weights so you will not pay for hide, fat, and bones that are of no use. You only pay for what you are going to take home and eat. A whole cow (to be technical it is actually a steer or heifer but we'll go with cow for simplicity)  weighs about 450 lbs final weight. The half is about 210 lbs. and the quarter cow weighs about 100 lbs. Please call for current pricing.

So how's it work?...We will sit down with you and go over each piece of meat that is in your chosen portion of the cow to see how you would like to have the cow cut and packaged for your family. Everything will be vacuum packed and marked so it is ready for the freezer.

To better help in your decision between the choices here are a list of the available items in each portion. Depending on how you get certain pieces cut is whether you will get some cuts.  Also here you can click on the pictures to see the cuts and portions.

 Front Quarter

Chuck - Roast and/or steaks

Shoulder- Roasts and/or steaks

Rib- Rib Eye Steaks, Prime Rib roasts

Brisket, shank, short ribs

Other items: stew, stir fry, cubed steaks, ground meat.

Hind Quarter

Loin- T-bone and Porterhouse steaks or NY Strips and Filet Mignon
Sirloin- Sirloin Steaks
Round- Bottom Round roast/steaks, Eye of Round, Top round steaks,                          or London Broil
Skirt steak, flank steak, cubed steak, stew, stir fry, ground meat.

Half and whole cow

The half a cow will have one everything mentioned above in the hind and front quarters.

The whole cow will have twice as much of everything mentioned above in the hind and front quarters.

Half and Whole Pigs

The all natural (no hormone, no steroids added) premium pigs are available in half and whole portions for your family's benefit. A whole pig runs about 120 lbs. and a half pig is about 60 lbs. The weight is final weight and only includes what you will take home. No discarded fat or bones are included in the weight. Please call for current pricing for the whole and half pigs.
Here is a break down of the half and whole pig to help in your decision making. Also located below are some pictures so you may see the cuts available.

Half Pig

Pork Shoulder/ Boston Butt and/or Country style ribs
Pork Picnic (smoked or fresh)
Loin- Chops (bone in or boneless), and/or Baby Back Ribs, Pork loin     roasts
Pork Slab ribs
Pork side- fresh or bacon
Ham- Fresh or smoked

Ground pork, stew, stir fry, and/or sausage

 Whole Pig

The whole pig will come with twice the amount of everything mentioned above in the half pig.

By the case

All of our quality meats are available in cases. This includes Whole chickens, Chicken Wings, Drumsticks, Leg Quarters, Ground Beef, Steaks, Sausages, and Boston Butts to name a few. Please call for current pricing and availability.
For more information please call or click over to the brochure page on our site.